Introduction to Hebrew Grammar

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Yazar: Dr. Ahmet Murat TAŞER / Sayfa: 161 / Ebat: 16 X 24 / Kağıt: 1. Hamur Renkli / Kapak: Parlak Kuşe / 1. Baskı, Ankara, Mayıs 2020

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  • Previously published in Turkish as the first of its kind, The Introduction to Hebrew Grammar is the now available for students of Hebrew all around the world.


    This book is designed to be a reference guide to everyone wishing to learn Hebrew, with an easy-to-grasp teaching style and compact structure that covers all necessary introductory grammar.


    The book has been designed to answer the needs of those wishing to learn Hebrew with detailed explanation, competent exposition and coloured exemplification technique; and also includes the writing differences between old and new Hebrew.


    With the experience of the writer of the first Hebrew Grammar and Hebrew Wordbank books in Turkey, now available with the reviewed new edition and in English.